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Immunity has become a topmost priority of people due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When we listen to the word “immunity” our mind immediately focuses on strength and power. Strong immunity leads to a healthy life. If the immune system of a person is weak, he is susceptible to acute to severe infections and diseases.

For this sake, we have to adopt some simple habits to ensure a strong system.

1- Avoid Smoking

We’ve often read “smoking kills” on cigarette boxes. The reason behind this is this smoking weakens the immune system and causes serious diseases that lead to death.  The immune system fights with simpler to complex diseases. Cigarette smoke contains more than 5000 chemical compounds that interfere with mother the immune system. Smoking stimulates some autoimmune disorder which causes it to attack its cells and hence the immune system becomes weak. 

2- Laughing Exercise

Laughing is a very simple exercise to make your immune system more powerful. When a person laughs, this process decreases its stress hormone and brings a phenomenal change in your health. It increases your energy levels, boosts your positivity, strengthens immunity. It helps to release the aggression. It also inspires, connects you with people, and make you more focused and alert.

3- Quality Sleep

The immune system is directly connected with sleep. Human body cells also need time for rest. Consistent sleep makes the immune system strong The people who do not take quality sleep often sick even with simple cold fever or flu. They become susceptible to every common disease and infection. Proper sleep supports the immune system and makes people healthier.

4- Regular Exercise.

Exercise strengthens immunity by flush out the bacteria present in the lungs.  Regular physical exercise reduces the chance of getting flu, fever, cold, and sickness. Exercise makes you feel more energetic and motivated. It causes to decrease the stress hormone and body feels positive energy. An energetic body is capable to fight against infections and diseases. Excess is bad so don’t overdo the exercise, walk 20-30 minutes daily, play physical games, go to a gym, do meditation. A fit body can survive by fighting against all the microorganisms.

5-Immunity Booster Foods

Broccoli, garlic, red pepper, ginger, turmeric, chicken meals, orange, lemon, papaya, kiwi, banana, seeds, almonds, etc are the foods that boost immunity,  make you fit and energetic.

6- Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid is the other name of vitamin C, it involves in the defensive system of our body. It works to kill microbes by accumulated in the neutrophils and increase the phagocytic process. Deficiency of ascorbic acid results in impaired immunity.  By consuming orange, lemon, vinegar,  banana, strawberry, Brussel, potato, broccoli, we can get enough vitamin C to boosts immunity.

7- Washing Hands

Frequent washing hands can protect you from several diseases. Clean hands protect you from the germ when your immune system does not get germs due to clean hands and support your immune system. As discussed in “Disease You Can Prevent By Just Washing Hands” a huge number of bacteria and viruses present in the atmosphere and the surroundings that weakens the immune system. So, keep washing hand your s and enjoy a strong immunity.