Fitex Health is Pakistan’s premier digital healthcare platform that connects nutritionists/dietitians with people in need. It connects patients with the right doctors and enables the doctors to optimize their medical practices via their practice management Mobile Application. Patients can use Fitex Health (mobile app) for an online doctor appointment, e-consultation, 24/7 health monitoring, and personalized diet plans. On the other hand, the doctors can manage their appointments, automate their scheduling, manage medical records, and process billing on their mobile phones.

Our Vision

We envision being a revolutionary digital healthcare organization aiming to transform the health markets of Pakistan, ensuring that accessible and affordable quality healthcare becomes a Pakistan phenomenon.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize healthcare delivery in cash-based healthcare markets. We are using advanced technology to consolidate quality healthcare services available in those markets, integrate them with advanced international healthcare systems and eventually connect the whole network directly with patients to make quality health services accessible and affordable.

Our Plan For Dissolved Nutritionist Market

Nutritionists and dietitians usually face so many problems in their job placement, sometimes this may lead them to start working on Instagram or divert them from their career. We plan to boost every qualified nutritionist to work from their home and we are committed to helping them earn up to 50k PKR per month. 

A Commitment To Health Promotion 

Countries like Pakistan have a major issue in poor health management and for the patients of diabetes, we have seen an irregular routine and no monitoring over their daily cycle make them suffer a lot. For the promotion of health, our solution is more capable to allow them flexibility in distance checkups, health budget management, accurate and precise monitoring, and recommendations from real doctors. 

Our major concerns are for the people who have:

  • Diabetics
  • Fitness freaks (For muscles gain/loss)
  • Women Health
  • People suffering from obesity
  • Under-weight individuals
  • People suffering from Hypertension
  • Elders (55+)
  • Teen suffering from malnutrition 
  • children suffering from stunted growth

Office Address

Arfa Technology Park, Level 9, Plan9 Incubation Center, Lahore.