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How a Mobile App Can Resist Pandemic

This year has brought more miseries than ever. There is a circulated theory that there’s a pandemic after every 100 years. In early 1720 there was a plague and in 1820 Cholera outbreak then protocol was followed by Spanish flu in 1920. Unfortunately, we have witnessed a devastating amount of deaths in 2020 as well which is known as the Chinese coronavirus.

The Coronavirus-19 pandemic is expected to increase the risk of food security and malnutrition globally. Unfortunately, lockdown will further increase the mortality rates. This is interconnected with economic and food system crises unless proper immunization is not available to the masses.

Different factors affect the health of people such as diet, age, sex, and lifestyle of an individual. However, during the Pandemic hospitals and clinics were operated for emergency purposes only which have affected people systematically because they don’t have access to their consultants.  The act of remaining at home has more than partially impacted one’s health which includes a drastic change in eating habits, different patterns of sleeping with no physical activity.

As per the known research on the virus, it has been observed that the virus affects people with a weak immune system. A good diet will improve the chances of a strong defense system in the body which will withstand any assault by the virus. According to a researcher, there are only dietary supplements that can boost the immune system that can fight bacteria and viruses inside and outside of the human body. Though, strengthening the immune system is the last resort to survive in the current cycle of a global pandemic.

Unfortunately during this horrible phase, people don’t have access to their medical consultants. Therefore, it is almost a big NO! to have nutritionist guidelines for proper dietary changes. People who are on diet plans are even isolated to follow the same plan for 3-6 months. Under such circumstances, there is no way to have proper management over diet.

Still, we can survive this daunting period by thinking positively, and there can be two ways to tackle this problem positively. The first one is a traditional method of the phone call with no proper sharing of information and the other one is a bit modern way using a mobile phone application.

Fitex health is an application that allows the user to communicate with nutritionists no matter how far they are and hire them to keep them healthy 24/7/365. The interactive UI of the application allows user to record their dietary changes on the application which shares the information with their doctor in a synchronized way. Also, the diet plan management is done using the application in the most applicable way so that there is no need for bookkeeping and plan management if you have this application on your phone. Fitex Health is soon to be available for free to download on Android Play Store and Apple App Store. If you wanted to get updated with further information feel free to subscribe to our newsletter so that you get to know about the updates at first and have many more pleasantries.

The pandemic has taught us undisputedly how to work remotely and stay at home despite multiple challenges. It’s the ultimate reality that hospitals are not safe to visit. Therefore, in this time of the global pandemic, it is important to be smart and stay safe.

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